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Advertise with  Maestro Taxi
and Get noticed!

Our taxies spend more than 70% of their working hours in some of the busiest parts of Herceg Novi and we can serve as a moving billboard which is constantly one the move, 24hours a day.

Our taxies spend more than 70% of their working hours in some of the busiest parts of Herceg Novi and dominate with its presence at the most important business points in our city. Having a mobile advertisement on our vehicles is not only a step forward but a completely new and innovative idea because of the limited space and the inability to advertise your product or a service in the busiest parts of our city. Choose Maestro Taxi as your ad on wheels and watch your business thrive!

As oppose to TV, it does not require the conscious interaction of its consumers as it is the case with TV(meaning that the customer has to turn on a TV, to find the channel which airs the commercial and to see that commercial at the exact time when it is aired). The advertising expenses are significantly lower and the target audience is the people that do not watch TV, do not have time for it, or just flip the channel whenever they see a commercial break that usually last too long for them to be focus on it.

Advertising on the radio lacks the visual identity of a message that you wish a consumer to see, while the outdoor advertising does not have these particular limitations. The data shows that people listen to the radio the most during the early hours of the day and that it is used the most as an additional way of advertising.

Outdoor advertising, as oppose to the one in the newspapers is not limited by its number of copies, target groups, rating, etc. In addition to all this, the target groups that the newspapers can reach are limited only for a particular day or a moth and that are the only time you are able to see your ad. On the other hand, the outdoor advertising does not have limitations of that nature.

Our vehicles are equipped with specialized monitors. They are located on the back of the front seats and they are constantly screening the information to our clients. During the drive, especially the long distance ones, it is an excellent opportunity to advertise your product or a service. Our advertisements and films, will make your drive as pleasant as possible and will entertain you with its interesting content.

During long distance travels we offer a possibility of promoting and offering different types of printed promo materials( flyers, manuals, leaflets, maps, business cards, magazines…). Printed materials are at the palm of their hands, in the side pockets behind the front seats and can be complementary to our clients. In this way, the clients can find high quality content and interesting offers.

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